7+ Secrets To Increase Your Delivery Business Profits in Ramadan

7+ Secrets To Increase Your Delivery Business Profits in Ramadan
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    March 30, 2023 Last Updated: June 29, 2023


“Nothing Gets Done in Ramadan”- The Phrase in Itself is Contagious!
What if we say……

*Everything Can Be Made Profitable*

Ramadan is a period of atonement, introspection, communal prayer, and reading of the Qurʾān. The time is holy but still, many businesses fear losing profits during Ramadan. Food delivery orders decrease as most people fast during the month of Ramadan and delivery agents are fasting as well. However, there are various types of reservations such as fixed timing for meals, late deliveries, and much more. The importance of food delivery management software in Ramadan is a topic of discussion!

As a large portion of Muslims is fasting during the day, the sales of food delivery businesses would drop- This is the most common misconception people have in mind. This is not true at all! In fact, research data reveals that the Ramadan time period actually brings more food businesses to restaurants and delivery providers. If they use effective strategies, such businesses can make a lot more profit during Ramadan month.

Let’s explore the delivery challenges, solutions, and perks of restaurant delivery management software during Ramadan!

Ramadan is Your Golden Opportunity To Bring Customer Loyalty

More than 53% of customers consider peak seasons to evaluate their loyalty toward any brand. Restaurant delivery software is a crucial requirement nowadays for peak shipping seasons such as Eid, Christmas, New Year, Ramadan, and other holidays. With so many customers placing orders at peak, the market competition struggles to perform its best. People actually celebrate the holiday season by shopping for their favorite clothes, buying the best teams, and ordering the most delicious food. Hence, it becomes important to offer your customer the best delivery experience so that they can remember your brand.

on-demand food delivery software

In today’s world, the food delivery industry is rapidly growing and food delivery management software plays a major role in it. More than 35% global population is using on-demand food delivery software for ease of ordering and convenience. Ready-to-deploy software is suitable for fast-paced and busy businesses in today’s world where people prefer ordering food to be more feasible than traveling all the way to restaurants. However, some businesses fail to attract an audience and face some hard challenges during Ramadan. Have a look at a few before we proceed ahead with the tips!

Challenges Faced by Food Delivery Businesses During Ramadan

The food delivery industry is subjected to challenges at some peak seasons, especially during Ramadan. According to a survey, 3 out of 5 food businesses believed that Ramadan is the most profitable time of the year to bloom their food delivery business, only if the challenges are dealt with suitable solutions. Following are some challenges that you should look out for!

restaurant delivery software

1 High Demand for Efficiency

60% of people who order food online prefer an efficient delivery process as one of the crucial aspects of the business. The strict timelines for suhoor and iftar in the month of Ramadan can extract that efficiency from the process. A fast restaurant delivery software equipped with advanced technology can meet the rising demand and gain customer loyalty.

2 Differences in Fleet Performance

Businesses located in Muslim countries have a high chance that delivery agents are fasting during Ramadan. To improve fleet productivity, ensure route optimization and order management can save extra time and effort. If the delivery time is clashing with a fast period, compensate your driver with a small nutritious meal or tips along with their deliveries.

3 Peak Hours of Delivery

Peak delivery hours change at the time of iftar, suhoor, and at midnight. Food businesses that fail to adapt to changes in peak working hours during Ramadan are not usually successful in making profits. Faster deployment with well-optimized restaurant delivery management software can help you handle peak pressure.

4 Risk of Reduced Orders

Many business owners believe that food deliveries and restaurants can suffer from decreased orders during Ramadan. This is not true! Food businesses that adapt their services and menu according to the occasion can actually beat the competition. An on-demand food delivery software can meet customer demands specifically during Ramadan.

Tips to Ensure Your Ramadan Is Special & Profitable

food delivery management software

1 Business Digitalization During Ramadan

The food industry is rapidly transforming and becoming more accessible to people with digitalization. Statista claims that food applications are expected to grow by more than 55% during Ramadan in the MENA regions and North Africa. To perform well, straightforwardly jump onto the bandwagon and offer your customers the best digital experience.

2 Signature Items with Deals for Delivery

Food delivery business experience a high rise during Ramadan as people find it more convenient to order food at their homes instead of going out and ear. You can attract customers by offering them easy-to-use food delivery management software and offering discounts or deals along with a special menu. This will enhance your user experience and attract more customers to your business.

3 Beat Your Competition

The food industry is already filled with so much competition and everyone is struggling to make it to the top. If you want to beat your competition and stay two steps ahead of them, keep your business updated with market trends. Get the fastest deployed on-demand food delivery software with extra functionalities to meet customer expectations. With a few efforts, you can become the number-one choice for food delivery!

4 Special Menu for Ramadan

Ramadan is a joyful festival for Muslims as they fast on a religious level and break it together with family and loved ones. People spend long hours in hunger and they really look forward to eating a delicious meal in the evening. They will reach out to your app and order a meal. It would be great if your food delivery management software provides customers with an incredible meal and a scrumptious menu. Fasting people prefer trying out different types of meals for iftar and suhoor times.

5 Make Customer Centric Approach

Ramadan month is full of gratitude and positive vibes, people tend to communicate with each other and build great connections. To attach your emotional connection with the audience, make your process customer-centric and offer the kind of hospitality your customers want. Such emotional connection during Ramadan will be a memorable experience for them. There are chances that these customers would become your loyal and regular clients forever.
Add more fervor to your Ramadan food delivery process, attach Ramadan wishes, and put a small box of sweets or other Ramadan-centric items to the food that you are delivering. You can also make sure that the delivery is done exactly on time so that the fast of your customers don’t get ruined. Set in a bar of flexibility and delivery timing for everyone!

6 Ensure Delivery Efficiency

As discussed earlier, delivery efficiency is crucial during Ramadan month as iftar and suhoor timings are fixed. Customers usually expect their food to get delivered on a fixed time duration. Increasing the fleet’s capabilities to reach more destinations quickly is important. More important is getting an app that can handle all these operations smoothly. Quickdelivery on-demand food delivery management software has features like route optimization and real-time tracking to achieve your business goals seamlessly.

7 Prepare for the Operational Hours

Not every customer would fast during Ramadan. This is why your business must be ready o deliver during normal operational hours as well. Sometimes restaurants make the mistake of shutting down operations on normal hours and delivering only at peak hours of dusk and dawn. Your business must be prepared to deliver orders at all times even if it’s late at night Ramadan as people usually order at this time due to their fast cravings.

8 Invest in the Best Food Delivery Management Software

A restaurant delivery management software will help your business thrive in Ramadan. Ready-to-launch on-demand food delivery software automates delivery operations and keeps customers happy with the service. Ramadan is a month of take or lose, if your customers are satisfied with your business during such an important month, they will most likely stay with your brand for years. Quickdelivery strives to increase your delivery efficiency and productivity by handling all operations flawlessly.

restaurant delivery management software

PRO Solution To Fight All Challenges: Quickdelivery!

Quickworks is a data-driven food delivery management software that allows users to access a multitude of diverse industries. You get market-competitive features and 24/7 customer support to automate your business while simplifying delivery operations. Quickdelivery is one of our products that increase the efficiency of their delivery process, optimizes costs effectively, enhances customer experience, and more.
To learn more about our restaurant delivery management software, you can sign up for a quick demo here.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
    Ramadan is a month full of kindness and gratitude! You need to make sure that your delivery services reflect the same values. User experience depicts more than 71% of client loyalty towards your brand. Quickdelivery can help increase brand awareness by offering efficient deliveries, gaping communication with customers, and taking their feedback in delivery operations. Operational hours change during Ramadan and delivery processes should also be improvised accordingly.
  • Easy Navigation
    Customers’ trust in a brand depends on how easily they can access its products or services. If they can easily track their parcel with current updates throughout the order journey, the more they will rely on your business. Our restaurant delivery software should have the best route optimization capabilities so that customers can track their orders and navigate them easily.
  • Contactless Deliveries
    This feature is usually missed by many businesses. Don’t forget, customers always appreciate such practices that take care of their safety. As most customers are fasting during Ramadan, they will want to take care of their health and stay hygienically well. Quickdelivery makes sure your fleet follows the preventive measures against COVID-19 by offering a contactless deliveries feature. Suggest your drivers wear masks and maintain social distancing always!
  • Efficiency & Reliability
    Precise delivery operations matter a lot! This is how your customers will reflect your brand and make their perception towards it. Delivery timings matter the most during Ramadan, especially in terms of the food and beverage or grocery industry. People fast during the day, host family parties, and prepare for Eid. Quickdelivery food delivery management software ensures efficient deliveries in time with its fastest deployment.

How Can We Help?

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Traditional operational software used to work well… but today you need Quickworks! In this fast-paced world, food delivery management software is more cost friendly as they do not need additional costs. Quickdelivery food delivery management software is subscription-based and offers you complete security and more productivity as compared to traditional software. Due to increasing competition in on-demand industry, you need to take the first mover step now!

It’s time to step ahead quickly with Quickworks 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

As the name implies, food delivery management software automates restaurants, QSRs, food joints, and other businesses to streamline their delivery processes. The solution comes up with order segregation, order allocation, dispatching, route optimization, order tracking,  and other features that reduce the cost and time of every order.

Every customer wants their order delivered as soon as possible. Meeting these rising demands while keeping customer expectations within a defined time frame is difficult. This is why you need restaurant delivery software that streamlines order management, allocation of riders and vehicles, order pick up and delivery, etc. Quickdelivery not just improves your customer’s experience but also brings operational visibility and transparency. 

Such software offers insights that can be used to rebuild business strategies and improve delivery operations. The objective is to make sure food is delivered to customers timely and turn those potential customers into loyal ones.

  • Exposure to new customers.
  • Convenient ordering system.
  • More business opportunities.
  • Greater reach.
  • Better brand presence.
  • Get you ahead of the competition.

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