Achieve 5X Business Growth with Robust Taxi Dispatch Software: Your 5-Minutes GuideBook!

Achieve 5X Business Growth with Robust Taxi Dispatch Software: Your 5-Minutes GuideBook!
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    February 3, 2023 Last Updated: November 20, 2023



Today, everyone needs a taxi to commute from one place to another! Every quarter, 1.44 billion rides are completed through Uber which is 70% of the whole US ridesharing market. With such an emerging space, taxi apps are the most popular segment to focus on right now. The Taxi App Development door is open for startups and entrepreneurs who want to serve commuters and travelers with their convenient cab booking software. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

In the last few years, major cities worldwide have seen an increase in the number of taxi services just through smartphone applications. More than 60% of all taxi rides are booked through apps. With a compound growth of 17.5% annually, this industry is predicted to grow and reach 365.9 billion by 2024. Uber remains the leader but many companies like Grab, Lyft, and Ola are competing it with. There is an enormous space for another startup to enter the market and earn profits. However, the cost to build uber like app can be significant but the return on investments in this segment is also up to the roof. Dive right in and get all the insights of Taxi App Development you need to start your own venture!

Market Size and Stats of Taxi App Development

Why bother owning a car when you can take a cab easily at affordable rates? Customers have now adopted this mindset! White Label Taxi Booking Apps have increased dramatically over the past few years. Here are a few figures that will surprise you-

Taxi App Development

  • Uber is one of the most popular Taxi Management Software that made huge profits in the ride-hailing industry with a current market valuation of $72 billion. Lyft follows suit with $3.2 billion.
  • The growth of this market continues in the future and grow at a CAGR of 16.5%, reaching $ 126,521 million by 2025 .
  • Not just it… taxi and ride-hailing segment projected revenue of $314 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $386 billion by 2026.
  • According to a recent analysis, the Ride-hailing & Taxi segment will generate 55% of total revenue through online sales by 2027.
  • More than 1,452.8 Million users are expected to benefit from Taxi Dispatch & Booking Software by 2027.

The global taxi booking market is flooded with new ideas. Whether you’re a business working in the taxi industry or about to step into the market with ideas, you can enjoy Taxi App Development benefits to simplify the process for drivers and passengers.

Steps To Follow Before Building Your Taxi Management Software

Taxi Dispatch Software

1 Initiate a Market Research

Entering the industry without vital insights is no less than shooting arrows in dark. Make sure you analyze the market and gather figures to draft your conclusion. Simplify your business idea to stand out from others and pull out desired market results. While creating your Taxi Dispatch Software, pay attention to these pointers:
Analyze the actual needs of your target audience
Choose the right location to cater to the demand
Provide multiple payment modes to ease your customers
Offer unique features to beat your market competition

2 Plan Out a Suitable Business Model

Selecting the right business model and White Label Taxi Booking App will decide your market performance. This will include monetization strategy, the structure of the app, integration of third parties, services you offer, GPS, and much more. Work on other significant factors as well to streamline your Taxi App Development process. Pre-plan everything and strategize your idea to eliminate unnecessary errors and bugs.

3 Technical Requirements And Specifications

After deciding on the business model, you must finalize the technical tools and software used in the development process. Define the architecture you want to integrate into the Taxi Dispatch Software. A technical team who has relevant knowledge and experience can help you with the resources. At this stage, you must understand the importance of cost estimation, the development time, and the success rate of the White Label Taxi Booking App.

4 Technical Requirements And Specifications

Pick The Best Resources
This stage is critical as the selection of resources would actually be used in the whole development process and the outcome depends on that. Look into the team size, expertise, experience, and other factors to prepare a list of technical requirements.
Selecting industry talent is not easy because individual experts have a charge of their own based on hourly costs. Hire a Taxi App Development Company to get a wide number of experts in the taxi development industry.

5 Step Up With Backend Development

Visualize how your Taxi Dispatch App will look and align the UI/UX designers with your brand vision. Make pre-discussions and plan every minute detail as this will be the backbone of the whole development strategy. make sure the development team binds all the functions of the app and their outputs to build a strong foundation.

6 Testing & Launch

This is the last stage of your Taxi App Development process where the QA testing team will use various techniques to test the performance of your app. Analyze the usability, functionality, efficiency, quality, and effectiveness before launching the product in the market. Even a single error or bug can create blunders and ruin your efforts. After QA testing, you are good to go! Launch the app and take feedback from your customers. Post-launch maintenance and updates make your app perfect.


White-Label, Custom-Built, or SaaS-Based Taxi Dispatch Software: Which Suits Your Business Model?

If you are a taxi business owner, you must have thought a million times to choose from White-Label, SaaS model, or Customized Taxi Dispatch & Booking Software. This is a crucial and strategic step for your business you must be 100% sure before proceeding ahead. If you want the most advanced app features and have a certain budget to invest in Taxi App Development, then White Label Taxi Booking App is the best choice.

Taxi Dispatch & Booking Software

QuickWorks is here to help you with every option, just talk to our experts and discuss your business plan!
If you want to enter the industry and just starting a ride-hailing business with a low initial investment, you can use a SaaS-based Taxi Dispatch App. You have to pay an annual subscription amount with the SaaS model which means you don’t need a large sum of money to launch your app. But if you need good quality Taxi Management Software for your taxi business, custom-built Cab Booking Software is the way to go. You can add features and functionalities according to your business requirements. However, this system may outweigh the expenditures of your development budget.

Must-Have Components Of a Taxi Dispatch App

White Label Taxi Booking App

User Panel

1User Registration & Login

Riders can register and log in easily with social accounts to access the application conveniently.

2Cab Booking

Users can now book their rides or schedule cab bookings to meet their travel needs anytime any day.

3Multiple Payment Gateways

Your taxi booking application must have multiple payment options to allow users to make online transactions.

4Push Notifications

Don’t miss out on integrating the notifications feature so that passengers can receive every update via email, SMS, or in-app messages.

5Real-time Tracking

The passengers can track the vehicle’s location in real-time and see the estimated time to reach a destination.

6Automatic Fare Calculation

With Cab Booking Software, passengers can take benefit of automatic calculation for their fare.

Driver Panel

1User Sign-up & Login

Drivers can submit their profiles for approval by the admin and start offering their services after the process.

2Profile Updates

Drivers have the option to edit their phone numbers and email addresses within the Taxi Dispatch & Booking Software.

3Booking Confirmation

The drivers can accept/reject bookings according to their convenience and preferred location.

4Real-time Tracking

Drivers can track the passengers’ real-time location to get the shortest route possible.

5Booking History Tracking

The drivers get the facility to check out the booking history for overall fare estimation and time slot spent.

6Earnings Tracker

Access driver’s daily and weekly summaries of trips & earnings with the White Label Taxi Booking App.

Admin Panel

1Trip Details

Admins can access exhaustive information about active, completed, and booked rides from the app.

2Real-Time Tracking

Look into drivers’ activity, revenue on active trips canceled trips, and rejected rides with real-time updates.

3Revenue Management

Admins can control transactions using the revenue management feature and improvize performance.

4Driver Management

Admins approve new drivers and update their information on a corresponding landing page.

5Passenger Management

View and update user details through the admin panel to improve your user experience.

6Complaint & Reports

The admin can settle complaints registered by the passengers and analyze annual reports.

What Makes QuickWorks Unique & Best in the Market Today!

Taxi App Development Cost

#Feature Campaign

Not just we launch your Taxi Dispatch App within days but also set up in-app referral campaigns for better user engagement. QuickWorks help you choose the app structure that aligns with your business objectives perfectly. Get the power to execute all features under one roof.

#Data Management

Managing bulk customer data is important for the success of your White Label Taxi Booking App. We have 10+ years of experience crafting readymade Taxi Dispatch & Booking Software solutions. The app we offer will act as the bridge between drivers and customers to manage all the data in flow.

#Better Customer Engagement

Building a customer base starts with loyal Taxi Management Software. Our powerful Taxi App Development process is dedicated to conventional reports and analytics to drive better business performance. This predictive Analytics and BI reporting gives you an easy overview of the total number of drivers, customers, earnings, and much more. Our software helps you reach customers with personalized notifications and alerts.

#Real-Time Analytics

We have ready-to-go Taxi Management Software that enables you to perform real-time tracking and monitoring of your customers. Our customer activity tracking feature lets the admin have a centralized record of customer interactions right from pick-up to drop-off point. Get the best-in-class taxi dispatch app to launch your online business instantly!

#AI-powered Personalization

Get an edge over your competitors and target potential customers with AI-powered Taxi Dispatch Software. QuickWorks has the experience to grow startups and SMEs with our ready-to-deploy Taxi Dispatch & Booking Software. AI integration in our taxi booking system makes accurate forecasts for your taxi business and increases annual revenue exponentially. We let you own the solution with your brand name, logo, and other features for ideal personalization.

Make a Wise Decision By Choosing QuickRides & Set Yourself Apart!

People throughout the globe are now using online modes of transportation to commute places on regular basis. As a result, the number of people using the Cab Booking App is increasing daily. You might impact the industry with a unique Taxi Dispatch App that offers them an improved service as compared to your rivals. Regardless of development options, white label, SaaS model, or custom app- you just need a tech partner to be the winner.

Finding a competent and reliable Taxi App Development Company is not a task anymore! QuickWorks got it all covered for you, you don’t need a huge investment or 3-6 months of development time to launch your business. We are one of the pioneer companies that built successful taxi apps all over the globe without burdening any pockets. It’s now your turn to weigh your business objectives and select the right development model- QuickRides.Contact us to discuss the process in detail.

QuickWorks Gives Just The Right Vision to Your Business Goals!

White Label Taxi Booking App

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The revenue in the taxi and ride-hailing industry crossed $314 billion in the year 2022. In the upcoming four years, the revenue is expected to grow at a rate of 5.30% and reach 386 billion by 2026. The industry is definitely on the rise and will continue growing, it’s the best time to build Taxi Dispatch Software.

To launch a new taxi app business, it is essential to define the exact target audience and finalize a business plan. Decide the budget for taxi app development and potential revenue streams. Find an experienced taxi app development company to design and implement your vision.

The total cost to create a White Label Taxi Booking App from scratch ranges from $40,000- $60,000 USD. The app cost includes the development of the Rider Panel, Driver Panels, and Admin Panel. However, you can save your time and money by owning a ready-launch solution- QuickRides.

It takes around 4-6 months to develop an MVP or initial version of an app that operates on a single mobile platform (iOS or Android). The frontend development and backend development process need to be tested after this. With QuickWorks, you don’t have to worry about all this. You get a readymade app to launch your business within hours!

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