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A revolutionary on-demand service delivery app specifically customized for retail shoppers looking for convenience, reliability, and affordability.

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About Mobishop

Your Gateway to Effortless Retail Excellence

Mobishop App is the preferred platform for today's consumer, who has adopted online shopping in quest of convenience. This on-demand service delivery app is designed especially for retail customers seeking affordability, convenience, and dependability in the rapidly changing world of top-notch service delivery.

Providing consumables for the home, such as groceries, meats, house shopping from reliable supermarkets, shops, or wholesalers; gas delivery; water delivery; flowers and gifts delivery; delivery of alcohol and other beverages, furniture, and electronics for the home; and delivery of favorite restaurant foods, and other things. Place whatever order you like, and they will deliver right to your door.

Challenges Faced at the Initial Stage

As a leading app development company, we took on the challenge of creating the Mobishop App, a groundbreaking on-demand service delivery platform tailored for retail shoppers in Kenya. The app aims to provide convenience, reliability, and affordability, addressing the evolving culture of superior service provision in the fast-paced world of online shopping.

  • Vendor Verification

    Ensuring the trustworthiness of vendors, posed a challenge. So, we implemented a rigorous recruitment and onboarding process to verify vendors, ensuring they were capable & reliable to uphold high integrity.

  • Localized Service

    Adapting the app to cater to local stores within neighborhoods required intricate geo-fencing and geo-location features. Overcoming this challenge was crucial to providing a truly localized experience.

Overcoming Every Hurdle with Perfection

  • Vendor Onboarding Mechanism

    By establishing a strict vendor recruitment and onboarding process, Mobishop became a platform where customers could trust the integrity of sellers. The thorough verification process guaranteed the existence and capability of listed vendors.

  • Globalized Services

    Implementing geo-fencing and geo-location features enabled Mobishop to connect customers with nearby stores, ensuring faster service delivery and strengthening the bond between vendors and consumers.

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How We Simplified Development & Deployment Process!

Our journey began with a meticulous planning phase, understanding the unique needs of the Kenyan market. The development team made sure Mobishop has a user-friendly interface, robust vendor onboarding mechanisms, and a sophisticated dashboard for seamless operations. Quickworks offered a combination of

“Quickorders + Quickdelivery” for the business.

Features That Drove Success For Mobishop

By overcoming challenges and focusing on user trust, localization, and vendor empowerment, Mobishop has become a key player in on-demand services in Kenya.

  • Trustworthy E-Commerce Platform:

    Mobishop's commitment to vendor verification and integrity assurance made it the go-to e-commerce platform for millions of shoppers. The platform's reputation for reliability attracted a massive audience.

  • Empowering Local Businesses

    Local stores benefited from Mobishop's platform, transitioning to e-trade and expanding their customer base. The app provided a stable e-commerce platform for vendors, allowing them to monitor sales and enhance business growth.

  • Vendor Dashboard

    The app's dashboard empowers vendors to manage products, descriptions, images, promotions, and discounts. This feature provides vendors with flexibility and consumers with a wide variety of choices.

  • Revenue Calculator

    The revenue calculator in the vendor panel allows vendors to monitor sales and track business growth effortlessly.

  • Driver Platform

    Mobishop's driver platform ensures quick and efficient delivery by connecting customers with the nearest drivers, enhancing the overall user experience.

Words May Feel Less

So Here are Some Numbers That Make an Impact!

  • 71% Increase in CTR

  • 63% Hike in Revenue

  • 44% More Downloads

  • 50%Sales Increased

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79% of smartphone users completed an online purchase using their mobiles. Revenue of the e-commerce market is expected to show an annual growth rate of 10.15%, resulting in a projected volume of US$5,026.00bn by 2028. Mobishop App stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Taking into consideration the number of customers using an e-commerce platform, we develop a system that provides:

  • Higher Visitor Involvement
  • Lower Cart Abandonment Rates
  • Cultivating Customer Loyalty
  • Improving Customer Experience

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