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On-demand Delivery

Welcome to Quicksuite’s On-Demand Delivery Module, your all-in-one solution for seamless delivery management. Easily manage your fleet of drivers with Quicksuite’s comprehensive driver management tools.With this powerful tool, you can streamline your delivery operations, optimize routes, and enhance customer satisfaction. Let’s dive into the features and functionalities that make Quicksuite the ultimate choice for on-demand delivery services.
On-demand Delivery Quicksuite

  • The admin can see all the bookings that are taken by the dispatcher. The admin can see various details related to a booking like the Booking type, Booking Date, and Booking Number.
  • The admin can see customer details like the name and number of the customer.
  • The driver’s name who has been assigned a particular booking is also visible to the admin.
  • The admin can also see the start and end times of a booking, below which the total fare of the booking is visible.
  • The pickup and drop-off location of the customer is also present in the card alongside the distance traveled by the driver to complete a particular booking.
  • The status of the ride, whether it is completed or canceled is represented by the border of a particular booking.

Keep track of your deliveries in real-time with our intuitive tracking system. From pickup to drop-off, monitor the progress of each delivery with precision and accuracy.

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