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Quicksuite’s Discount Feature is designed to help you boost sales, attract customers, and maximize revenue. With this versatile tool, you can create and manage a variety of discount offers tailored to your business needs. Let’s explore how Quicksuite’s Discount Feature can drive growth and increase customer loyalty.

In the discount feature, the admin can see 2 sections which are the coupon section and the deal section. In the coupon section, the admin can see the details of a particular coupon like its image and its name.

Discount Quicksuite

  • The module type of a coupon refers to the business module of that particular coupon. The code tab denotes the coupon code of a particular coupon.
  • The user count represents the number of users who have successfully availed a coupon.
  • The discount tab refers to the type and the value of the discount provided by the coupon.
  • The description tab denotes the description of a coupon that was mentioned at the time at which the coupon was added.
  • The start date and the end date refer to the starting and ending date of a particular coupon.
  • The status tab represents the activity status of a particular coupon.
  • The admin can change the status of a coupon from active to blocked and vice versa. The action tab can help the admin to edit or delete a particular coupon.
  • The deal section contains all the similar details for various deals.
  • The only difference is that a coupon is applied at the time of order checkout and a deal is an already applied discount on particular items that are told to the admin by the merchants.
  • In the top right section of the discount feature, the admin will be able to see a search bar that will help to search for a particular coupon and deal.
  • Alongside the search bar, an add coupon button is also present for adding a new coupon.
  • To add a new coupon, the admin will be required to add various details like coupon banner, coupon title, coupon code, and other details.

With Quicksuite’s Discount Feature, you can unlock new opportunities for growth, attract customers, and drive sales. Experience the power of strategic discounting with Quicksuite today!

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